Support an artist, buy his work

Posted on May 3, 2017

Yeah, we all struggle with this… share our work, sell our work ? And to what price do you sell your work? As so many other photographers out there, I too struggle with this. I share my work on social media, my website and from time to time an exposition. But I also love the fact that my works are brightening up people’s homes. Therefore I decided that all works in my shop will receive 10% discount during the month of May. Please use this coupon (noizpictures10) on the checkout. Currently I only offer Paypal. Do you want to pay in a different way, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thank you all !

Magical, Mystical Tenerife

Posted on April 30, 2017

I’m still going through all my photo’s I took on Tenerife. What a magical island that is. I love the way the light plays with the volcanic rocks creating this awesome contrast to play with. Combined with long exposure times you can just simply create pure mystical magical landscapes. Call this country the Iceland of the south 🙂 This one is taken on the same beach as the first post here on this website. San Juan playa. By just moving my camera a few meters you create a complete new composition. The sun was setting and creating this fantastic glow on the rocks. This is a exposure of 30 seconds and I achieved this with a 6-stop ND filter from Formatt Hitech, the Firecrest ND 1.8. Working with these filters is just fantastic. You don’t loose any dynamic in your shots and it produces great contrast and color. Contact me for more info if you want to know more about these filters. Or simply book a workshop with me (see the workshop page).


Happy Earth Day

Posted on April 22, 2017

When you go out for a shoot, you always start off with some sort of an idea in your head. Lots of time you can just execute that idea and the result looks splendid. But there are times (like today) you get on the location and the weather, humans, nature whatever isn’t really cooperating. Today was such a day, super calm sea, very difficult light to work with and a location that was relative new to me. Well sometimes difficult things make the most beautiful shots.

Enjoy this one to begin with, more will follow during the week 🙂

Magic is what you need in life

Posted on April 19, 2017

This shot is one I will remember for a very long time. I’ve set out with a fellow photographer and a clear idea in my head. We will be going to photograph the Mont Saint-Michel with a sunset and a sunrise. It would make for a few epic pictures, no? Well… little did we know that nature had other plans. The sunset… well clouds allover the place and no sunset. So let’s just put all our money on a sunrise, right? So we looked up the sunrise and we set off extremely early in the morning to take our position. Only to be confronted with… fog. But if there is one thing that I’ve learned over the years is that nature always throws you a surprise 🙂 So while being eaten alive by mosquitos (yes, bring repellant if you want to shoot it from this angle) we waited for the sun to rise and the fog to clear. And then… MAGIC happens. We were rewarded with this awesome shot 🙂

Hallerbos 2017

Posted on April 18, 2017

The Hallerbos… once a year this place turns into a magical carpet of blue/purple bluebells. I went to shoot on Easter Sunday and I left very early in the morning as this place gets crowded with a lot of people very fast. Unfortunately the weather was very grim and the sun didn’t want to play a lot with the trees. This was the only shot that I’ve managed to take where you can actually see the sun playing with the trees. Photography is not always about getting the perfect shot for me. It’s also about enjoying nature and being mesmerized about the wonders that it throws at you. But remember to treat nature with all the respect she deserves when you want to enjoy her.


Mystical Lands

Posted on April 10, 2017

I shot this in March when I was visiting the Canary Islands. The sunset was starting slowly and the light was just magnificent. The exposure hereunder is about 30 seconds. It made the wild see look like a mystical landscape.