Magical, Mystical Tenerife

Posted on April 30, 2017

I’m still going through all my photo’s I took on Tenerife. What a magical island that is. I love the way the light plays with the volcanic rocks creating this awesome contrast to play with. Combined with long exposure times you can just simply create pure mystical magical landscapes. Call this country the Iceland of the south 🙂 This one is taken on the same beach as the first post here on this website. San Juan playa. By just moving my camera a few meters you create a complete new composition. The sun was setting and creating this fantastic glow on the rocks. This is a exposure of 30 seconds and I achieved this with a 6-stop ND filter from Formatt Hitech, the Firecrest ND 1.8. Working with these filters is just fantastic. You don’t loose any dynamic in your shots and it produces great contrast and color. Contact me for more info if you want to know more about these filters. Or simply book a workshop with me (see the workshop page).


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