Hello there,

My name is Kevin, a Belgian based landscape photographer, build in the year 1977.
A long time ago I started with this incredible journey through photography. From shooting with film to the digital and wonderful world we live in today.

I’ve done a bit of everything in the photography world, from journalism to fine art. And I lost my heart in landscape photography. Landscapes are ever changing and transforming around us; the same place on a different day and time might look completely different. Combine that with our changing seasons and you have an endless list of places to shoot. It also gives me the opportunity to travel the world and to meet a lot of different and interesting people.

The works that are presented here are those that I’m most proud of.
Enjoy them!

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Publications & events

  • Landscape Photography Magazine 2018
  • F11 News 2018
  • De Morgen 2016
  • Cameraland.nl 2016
  • De Standaard 2016
  • FACTS 2016
  • Top selection Kaleidos Black & White 2016
  • Semi finals HIPA 2016
  • Exposition OXFAM "Op de vlucht" 2015